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Thread: 23 days into withdrawal

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    Default Update day 58

    Thanks for checking in John and Unregistered.

    Today is day 58. I have been feeling OK the past few days. Still anxious, and still some chest pains and heart skips/palpitations but less. I've been a lot more physically active lately. I started taking the express bus to work instead of the train because the extreme homeless problem with the subway. Absolutely packed with homeless people and our gutless coward of a Mayor won't do anything about it, lest he be perceived as insensitive to the homeless. The walk to the express bus plus the walk from the express bus stop to work combined is about a mile and a half. Three extra miles a day is a good first step.

    I have been having a little trouble sometimes with my appetite. It comes and goes. I'm obese so I was used to eating a lot, but now that I eat like a rabbit I can't even finish my meal without feeling full. I count this as a positive thing. I have been pretty much having the same symptoms I had before but just maybe half as intense. I am hoping it will continue to drop but I am also preparing myself for the strong possibility of PAWS.

    One thing did happen, though. I have been talking to a social worker. Therapy. When my symptoms were worse, she recommended I take an SSRI to help with the killer anxiety. I was always resistant to the idea. She went ahead and asked the doctor to write me a script for something. Im NYC all the doctors in major medical centers have been moved to the hospital to help with covid. So the doctor that was left at the office wrote me a script for EFFEXOR. This doctor has never met me before, never spoken to me or knows what I look like. Thats a pretty extreme medication to put someone on. On top of that, it had some of the worst withdrawals I've ever read about. I will not be taking it

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    Glad you are feeling a bit better and glad you are aware of PAWS.

    Also, positive things with eating less and doing a bit more excercise. And, good for you for NOT taking the Effexor. I toyed with the idea of asking my doc for an anti depressant for a year and a half. I am really glad I didn't. Maybe would have helped in some ways, but there are side effects, and yes, withdrawal can be tough I hear.

    Sounds like you are on a good track!

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    Default Thank you nerdturd

    Thanks for sharing, I am on day 15 and have been suffering but nowhere near as bad as yourself. Stay strong and well done.

    What is PAWS?

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    Default 71 days

    I've felt OK the last 10 days. Not good, but better. Only very minor anxiety. The past day or two, though, I've noticed a spike in my anxiety and today I'm staring to feel the bouts of illness I was having a few weeks ago. I'll be fine, then feel a little anxious and then physically ill afterwards, like light headed, dizzy and maybe a little bit hungover. Then it goes away after a minute. Then 20 minutes later rinse and repeat. All day long. It is either less intense this time around or I'm just so used to feeling like trash all the time that it doesn't bother me as much. I suspect that this cycle will go on for a long time. The time where I feel good becoming longer each cycle, and the anxiety and illness feeling less each time until one day it just doesnt happen anymore. My brain chemistry is trying to find its natural balance. Ive already accepted that this is my life now and that it may be for a long time, months....a year.... Whatever. Just got to get through it

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    Hey man. Hope you are doing better.

    Day 26 here and very, very similar symptoms. Wanted to let you know Iím going through this too as it helps so much knowing weíre not alone, and figured Iíd share some of what Iíve felt and learnt.

    Iíve been researching this a lot and nearest I can figure, every system in our bodies affected by THC is resetting. This includes the bit of the brain that deals with body temperature and immune response, digestion, sleep etc etc. The body has to learn how to do it all again, hence random blocked nose, chills, sore throat, insomnia, weird gut.

    Like you im slowly getting better. It seems to come in cycles, where I feel great or ok for a day or so and then a bad couple of days. But each cycle seems to be slightly less bad.

    The only one that freaked me out badly was my raised heart rate and tight breathing (though that has been tapering down too). I think this could be body/brain adjusting again, but for me I canít help feeling this is nearly all gut related. I found something called roemheld syndrome where gas in the gut puts pressure on the heart and lungs giving that tight feeling. When I get myself to burp I feel everything release a little/lot.

    Not a medical doctor but Iím starting to get the feeling that the way my days go are determined by my diet. Some of this may be wrong but Iíll just get it out there in case it helps you or anyone else:

    - long periods without eating seem to make things worse. Small meals very regularly.
    - peppermint tea and ginger tea to calm stomach
    - if this is due to slowed gut motility it means carbs fermenting in gut cause bloating, so avoid sugar and broccoli, fruit etc.
    - donít eat close to sleeping
    - work out which foods work for you - munching on thin strips of bacon saved me. (Someone else said oatmeal, but Iíve not tried it.) Keep it simple and bland.
    - be careful with antacids. They help, but I figure they donít help digestion, so I try to go for milk where I can and only take a little of the antacids before bed.
    - no fizzy drinks, caffeine and tobacco is apparently bad (but Iím not giving that up too ffs - only thing keeping me sane: that said, Iíve cut down a lot and that seemed to help).

    For assistance with finding a reputable and accredited Marijuana Rehab Service Provider in the USA you can call the US Governmentís FREE SAMHSAís National Helpline on:

    1-800-662-HELP (4357)

    If I think of anything else Iíll post and if you have any advice Iíd be grateful to hear it. What are panic attacks like? Have I been having those? I just felt my heart rate increase and breathing tighten, and then I got worried about that, but I wasnít really panicked generally (though Iím generally quite calm). I have had the occasional sense of despair when I felt most crappy.

    Hope all is well. Sounds like we are both past the worst of it. It only gets better from here!

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    Default Day 96

    Hey New Fella, sorry I didn't see this until now. I agree with you that it seems that diet has at least a bit of influence on how you feel durring the day. At least it seems to. In total I've lost 35lbs since I quit. I havent even been doing THAT great of a job dieting. Just not eating large portions, no more soda or juice, and replacing at least one meal a deal with a salad.

    It feel better overall physically just from being thinner, but then again I am obese and could stand to lose another 60lbs. I do seem to feel worse on days where I eat pizza or pasta for lunch as opposed to a chicken salad or some other depressing health food meal. Lol.

    As for your question about panic attacks, I haven't had one in a while but happens for me is this:

    At first I started to feel anxious. Then I noticed that my breathing changed. Would become shallow. Then to compensate I would start to breathe faster. This isn't good because then you start to hyperventilate and your brain gets too much oxygen. I then would become very lightheaded and start to panic thinking I was having a heart attack or something. Sometimes heart palpitations were also present, but not always.

    It sounds like you've been having little anxiety attacks too but that you havent let them get to the point of panic and hyperventilating. That's good. You have more control over it than I did. Once I started to recognize that it was my breathing that worsened the whole situation, I've been able to stop the attacks in their tracks everytime. Just remain calm. Remind yourself that you are ok. If it ever does get the best of you, Sit up in a chair and take a slow deep breath through your nose (4seconds) and exhale through your mouth (4seconds). Do this over and over again and eventually you'll calm down
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    Thanks so much, man. Really helpful data, that makes a lot more sense to me now. I think I got hit harder by the gut issues than you but, as you say, less with the panic attacks. I think Iím where you were a few posts ago. Some good days, some great days, and then a couple bad days thrown into the mix. But the bad days are getting less pronounced. Why the hell did we do this to ourselves?!

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    Default Day 102

    Well I posted a few days ago for my 100th day sober but they had to do a forum restore from an old backup due to error or something. It's got to be a pain to be the administrator and I just want to say thanks for keeping this thing going. Its help a lot of people.

    Today is day 102. 3 months. I feel ok. SOMETIMES. I want to stress the sometimes part. It would be fair to say I feel better. SOMETIMES a lot better. I refuse to say "Good" yet since I still have bad days every week.

    I am still having wave after wave of anxiety everyday and it occasionally still makes makes me feel ill. The heart palpitations have gone away thankfully but I'll have the odd day here and there where I can barely function. I'd say it looks like it'll be a few more months until I can declair myself as feeling "Good"

    The one problem I have been struggling with the past few weeks is my attention span. I can't seem To concentrate on something for longer than 40 minutes or so until I HAVE to do something else. I have never suffered from any attention disorder like ADHD or anything like that before. Ive always been able to concentrate on things for very long periods of time. Perhaps too long if im being honest. Now I can't even watch a movie without stopping or play a video game for more than a level or two.

    Ive also been so bored lately. What I described above doesn't sound like someone who is bored but I am. I dont want to complain about it. After all the physical withdrawal I've gone through so far, I welcome it. Sometimes I'm so bored I feel like smoking or drinking just to stop the boredom. I would never do it, though.

    I've said this before and I'll say it one more time:
    I will never smoke again.

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