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Thread: Feeling euphoria or pretending he's not depressed?

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    Default Feeling euphoria or pretending he's not depressed?

    Hi my friend has recently quit marijuana, which he has smoked daily for around 7 years. After the first few days he seemed extremely depressed about life in general however now he is claiming he is the happiest he has ever been. He also seems to be settling all his past disputes and is telling people what he really feels about them.

    I know I should be happy for him but it is not sitting right with me, it all feels like he's inches away from a break down. It's as if he's had a revelation about the world or found God. As I've never experienced this I was wondering if it is something that people experience or whether he is trying to hide his emotions.

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    As no nobody has chimes in yet, I’ll give my two cents. I can only really say how it’s affected me.

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    Basically I had a huge surge in energy and emotions that were dulled came flooding back in. I guess because the drug makes you feel lethargic and numbs your emotions, so I would say it’s pretty normal to feel enthusiastic. Also, I started thinking about the past with a weird clarity, started having deep and significant realisations about past mistakes and relationships I’d misunderstood. Really powerful dreams of people i hadn’t Thought about in 15 years that affected me (mostly positively) for days afterwards. But then there’s a bit of pushback the other way, I guess because the crutch has gone, and I’ve had a day here and there when I felt like everything was going to fall apart - but I guess that’s normal and it didn’t last long. So I guess when the emotions come back in they’ll go both ways - sounds like your friend is getting both sides too. My guess is the chemicals in the brain that deal with emotional balance are reset and there’s going to be a transition period. I’m two months after quitting and I’d say the peaks and troughs are coming down a lot.

    Also really depends on your friend. I think we kinda revert to type to an extent so maybe judge his action on his past sober behaviour and in the context of the emotional rebalancing I’m talking about. But the other side of it is he’s just stopped taking a drug that sucks his energy, kills his emotions and makes everything a bit numb: for some it might be like walking out of hell, so a little euphoria here and there doesn’t seem totally out of place. Hope that helps.

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