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Thread: The long road

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    Default The Swinging Door

    Hey everyone and original thread poster,
    Personally, I think being off again and on again with smoking is one of the worst places to be.
    It seems like when I do this I end up with the worst of both worlds - I still xp lack of focus, paranoi, yet I cant alleviate it by smoking and loosing myself in comics or movies.
    You are right with the long run hypothesis, but knowing this does not always help me stop smoking grass. Frequently, If I am honest with myself, then I dont really have the power
    to stop on my own and therefore I need some type of higher power to do this for me. It is just the reality of the situation that if I dont want to knock off work to go home and feel a craving that either is unsatiated in a miserable way or that I just give in to and smoke, I have to rely on some type of power greater than me. I smoked habitually for years and this is the only solution that I found to work; its the only technique Ive found to keep me off weed for years and with a more colorful and vibrant life to boot. Idk, maybe it seems silly to some yet maybe these words will help someone else close the swinging door.

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    Just over 6 weeks clean now. Been waking up in the night covered in sweat, shows THC is still in my body, been having dreams about weed aswell. Iíve been feeling really depressed, my minds been thinking of weed more like am I just punishing myself myself not having it. Life feels so dull and sad without it. Testing times.

    For assistance with finding a reputable and accredited Marijuana Rehab Service Provider in the USA you can call the US Governmentís FREE SAMHSAís National Helpline on:

    1-800-662-HELP (4357)

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    Anybody here?
    Over 9 weeks clean now, seeing slight improvements

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    Hey Thisisme373 - So great to hear your keeping at it! You probably are getting a sober rhythm going now that you've cleared nine weeks. We're out here cheering you on!

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