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Thread: Physical symptoms for 2 months now..normal?

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    Default Physical symptoms for 2 months now..normal?

    Hi everyone. Let me tell you guys my history. Iíve been using marijuana for about 10 yrs now daily. The last 6 yrs have been vaping 80% to 90% oil daily. The reason why I stopped was because I wasnít feeling good in the head. I felt my head was in the fog. I remember one time when I closed my eyes to sleep, I felt brain zaps. That was when I told myself enough is enough. Right after I stopped, insomnia kicked in fast. I was very dizzy and nauseous With face and sinus pressure, just an overall uncomfortable feelings in my head. The dizziness and nauseous stopped by the 2nd week. However my headaches, eye, Head and sinus pressure continues. And insomnia is still with me. I have good days and bAd days but I can always feel that discomfort in my head and weird facial Pain. Oh yeah, and sometimes my eyes feel so dry especially at night. Iím getting so frustrated as improvement is so slow and sometimes I feel Iím right back where I started. Iím depressed and anxious as Iíve been dealing with this everyday for 2 months now. It wears down on me. Is is normal to have all this withdraw Weird symptoms for 2 months. I guess I just need somebody to tell me itís normal to I can have the strength stay strong.

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    Hey there,

    Yup. All sounds pretty normal to me, based on my personal experience and from what I've read on here.

    Not to discourage you, but the road to recovery can be a long one but it is really worth it!
    It was progressive for me. There wasn't a day when I was "suddenly all better." But little by little you should feel better and at some point this will be part of the past.
    Do everything you can to help yourself and be good to yourself. Excercise was very helpful for me. A thing called Marijuana Anonymous was also very helpful to me. Also, this site was and continues to be in some ways, very helpful.

    I have been cannabis free for 3 years after having used it for close to 20 years pretty regularly.

    You will get better. One day at a time.
    Hang in there!

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    Hi John,
    Thanks for the encouragement. Like you said, the improvements are progressive. My symptoms have subsided (except for insomnia ugh) The intensity is less but still there. at least itís going in the right direction. I just have to tell myself thereís light at end of the tunnel and this is only temporary. Your brain needs time to heal after years of abuse. I just have to be patient. Itís not going to be better overnight. Thanks.


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    Update....Iím almost 3 months now after I stopped cold turkey. If you read my previous post I was in hell for the 1st 2 months, headaches, head and face pressure, weird facial tingling, Insomnia, Depression, etc.. I know all those symptoms were all contributed to marijuana withdrawal because they all started upon me stopping vaping. I have no other medical conditions, I donít drink, I donít smoke cigarettes, I donít do other drugs, the only thing I did was daily vaping of marijuana. I just want to give comfort to those people who are going through the same shit. Yes, marijuana withdrawal physical and psychological symptoms can last for months, Iím a example. People think marijuana withdrawal is no big deal and should be over within few weeks, at least that was my impression from reading the internet. Donít be discouraged if your symptoms feel like they are not going away. They will but just gradually. Like what John said, itís progressive. Be encouraged that its getting better despite the fact that the improvements are very slow. Iím almost 3 months now any my symptoms are a lot better than before although my head still doesnít feel 100%. My insomnia has improved, I used to take ambien daily for the first 2 months and now I can fall asleep on my own. Just think as everyday is a day closer to full recovery. Some take 3 months, some take 6 months to feel better but they all eventually recover. Be strong and positive, exercise (itís proven that it encourages neuroplasticity), and you eventually will be your old self again before marijuana. Be patient my friends.

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    Hey man, just a thought: might be worth going to the doc and checking for blocked sinuses or a sinus infection.

    Had some of the same symptoms for many months after quitting, doc put me on nasal steroids and Iím finally feeling like myself again!

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    Default Re: Physical symptoms for 2 months

    Thc binds to fat cells. You don't have to be oveweight we all have some fat,but if you are it possibly could take longer. Also heavy users are known to take longer to detox. Infrared saunas and exercise are some of your best friends imo.
    Take care & good luck!

    For assistance with finding a reputable and accredited Marijuana Rehab Service Provider in the USA you can call the US Governmentís FREE SAMHSAís National Helpline on:

    1-800-662-HELP (4357)

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