have been smoking cannabis for 7 yrs now almost daily and decided to quit. I always thought that pot was benign. Boy was I wrong, I realize that any pychoactive substance is going to affect your brain, legal or illegal. Realize that now as I'm going through withdraw. I get the usual symptoms, insomnia, headaches, dizziness, nausea, anxiety. The one that I want to know is if you guys also have tingling and burning sensation on the face. Mine is mostly on the right side between the eye and ear. The funny thing is it moves around. sometimes my sinus, forehead and my upper teeth. I think it has to do with the trigeminal nerve. I know the endocannabiniod system affects the nerve, well actually it effects everything. we have CB receptors (that's where THC binds to) everywhere in your body, it is the homeostasis system, it is the regulator of regulators, it controls mood, apatite, sleep and wake cycle, and so on and so forth. And the reason why you go through withdraw is once you've be smoking for so long your body will downregulate the receptors. Its like your body going to shock without the supply of THC, so now you have to wait until your body and brain readjust itself by upregulating the receptors and start producing your own natural cannabinoid (yes, your body produces its own natural THC). Anyways, I getting too scientific. I just want to know if you guys also have strange nerve sensation on your face.

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