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Thread: has anyone's brain recovered after quitting pot?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
    I've read through pretty much the entire of this thread and felt compelled to share my story. But before I do I'd like to thank everyone (particularly the admin) for all of your compassion and support.

    I'm a 22 year old who started smoking at university when I was 19. My group of friends started doing it on a regular basis as it was fun, sociable and cheaper than going out. At roughly the same time that I started smoking I also went into depression due to some relationship issues, and cannabis was the perfect crutch. In fact, I feel like it's the perfect crutch for any situation. Too stressed? Have a spliff. Got work to do? Have a spliff. Got nothing to do? Have a spliff.

    I started university as a pretty sociable and charismatic fella. I loved having worked in sales and being around people. I finished university as a delusional and somewhat bitter character with a sub par degree and a relatively small group of friends. Little habits that shouldn't have annoyed me about people started to grind on me, and in some ways I tricked myself that I was happier alone than I was with other people. Don't get me wrong - I still hung out with friends and went out drinking (as well as taking all sorts of other drugs) but it was only with people who also smoked and my social ability wasn't anything like it used to be.

    Fast forward to now where I am almost 23 and working a full time job but still somehow have absolutely no money due to my habit. I intended on doing a bit of traveling as I haven't been abroad or even on holiday since a school trip when I was 16, but obviously I'm in no position to make these plans a reality while I'm in debt. I feel like I had a lot of potential for a fortunate and happy life but have pissed it away in a fog for the past few years. My diet has also been a joke as I'm sure you all know how easy it is to eat like crap when you're high.

    Time to change. I've tried quitting and cutting down several times before but they haven't lasted longer than a few weeks, and usually less than a week before I'm back to doing it all the time. My health insurance at work covered me for hypnotherapy, so partly out of curiosity I went for a session with a hypnotherapist to help me stop using weed. I'm a big sceptic of alternative medicines and not entirely convinced that placebo doesn't play a part in the healing so this was out of character for me, but as it didn't cost me anything I thought it was worth a shot. This was only a week ago, but since then I haven't actually had the desire to puff, even though it's been around me loads and I've rolled spliffs for my mates.

    My main withdrawal symptom is the dreams, which although are incredibly intense aren't nightmares as such. Forming a sentence and being coherent is a big issue as well. I still think about weed constantly (hence me finding this forum) but in a different mind set I suppose. Instead of trying to forget about how good it would feel to smoke a joint right now I'm actively thinking about the health harms it will do me if I continue. My heart goes out to all of you because although weed has made me feel terrible and had a prolonged negative impact on many parts of my life, I think I've been fortunate enough not to be going through the hellish symptoms that a lot of you are experiencing. Stay strong and keep going - although hypnotherapy seems to have been effective for me so far I know that it might not be for everyone, and it's still very early days for me to claim it as a success. I wish you all the best of luck with your recovery - keep us updated and maintain the realisation that there is so much more to life.

    hi Unregistered..hope you can have even just a nickname so I can address you properly.. good job on sharing your story. what moved me the most are this lines "Too stressed? Have a spliff. Got work to do? Have a spliff".. Yes I've been experiencing stress lately.its about my work.. is mj really that good in helping you cope up with stress? if so, i think i would have to try some.but still thinking about it considering its effects.. but i think i can promise myself that i can quit if i need to.. do you think i can do that? this is just so that i can satisfy my own curiosity..

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    Some other guy Cannabis Rehab Guest


    Dwayne, I wouldn't recommend u starting to do weed. Chances are that you'll get addicted and seeing that you already have an issue with stress, well it's going to amplified 10-fold when you get withdrawal symptoms. That would suck big time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Some other guy View Post
    Dwayne, I wouldn't recommend u starting to do weed. Chances are that you'll get addicted and seeing that you already have an issue with stress, well it's going to amplified 10-fold when you get withdrawal symptoms. That would suck big time.
    thanks some other guy..suddenly i felt the fear of taking the weeds.but at the back of my mind, i'm still thinking of it. whatever i may come up with, i will always take your words into consideration.. thanks again and have a great day!

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    Roach Cannabis Rehab Guest

    Default Getting Outside of Self

    I think your experiences will be a bedrock for a happy and purposeful life. Not too many are so blessed to overcome addiction. The clarity will come back over time. I would not overthink it. Positive thought brings positive things into your life. This is the law of attraction. On the other hand, negative thoughts will spiral you into a hellacious life. Maybe it's a blessing that you can't think too deeply now, or live in thoughts of the past. Sometimes it is also best to do less thinking and just 'do'. After all, you can't fix the problem with the same mind that created the problem. Through my experiences, I began regaining clarity and a feeling of well-being by Not thinking. I got out of my head! I got out of Self. I began helping others. Naturally, I had less problems because I thought of myself less (not less of myself).
    I was a black out alcoholic with a law degree. I felt the same way. I lost everything I worked for. Through committing myself to serving others, and the support of AA/NA, I was able to obtain an entirely new perspective on life. And I feel like I'm just getting started on this journey! I crushed myself for 20 years, so don't beat yourself up.
    My last near death experience opened my eyes. I shouldn't be here! Therefore, I am here for a reason. First of all, I have nothing to lose- I'm playing with house money. So I decided to commit myself to serving others and to make the world a better place.

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    Unregistered Cannabis Rehab Guest

    Default I have a serious question.

    I'm 15 years old, I used for 2 months. But it wasn't even close to an every day thing. Maybe an average of 7-8 times each month. When i look at these forums, everyone is saying that they used everyday for years. I feel (please don't be offended) retarded, like when I move I feel different. I have a hard time thinking. I know that it can't be that bad, but I have a hard time convinced myself that I will be okay. It's been 28 days since the last time I used. I want to go to a MA meeting at my school but I don't know who to ask.

    I guess I'm just looking for some advice or reassurance from somebody that used for long in there adolescence than I did, just so I can see the difference from their point of view. Any response will be helpful to me. Thanks

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    Unregistered Cannabis Rehab Guest

    Default Reply from pot smoker of over [email protected] years

    Thought I should chime in. It started at age 13 - I was attracted to the adventure of it. I didn't know this then but I was born a high adventurer, someone meant to explore new territory like the great explorers of the past, yes, an adrenaline junkie. It made a simple hike in the woods a great adventure filled with excitement much more than just a casual walk. It was the greatest thing in the world.

    In high school I was in the top 10 of my class and even placed into a special room with a few others to attempt to learn the materials on our own. However, the thrill of weed was greater and eventually I started sneaking out of school to get high. My grades plummeted and this, for all intensive purposes, was where it changed my life forever.

    I didn't go to college right out of school but rather floundered around from job to job until I started doing coke, then shortly after realized I wa going nowhere. My first day on a job I had 7 nose bleeds over the course of the day and my boss new the deal. This was no life and I knew it.

    I new I needed to take control, but how with all the negative influence all around me. Friendships with non drug users were long gone. Hence I joined the U.S.MC. Semper fi! Need to change you start by changing your world.

    What happened next made all the difference in the world. I was rebuilt and reshaped. Brainwashed. But for the best. The end result? A boy turned man. A man with confidence, pride, self esteem much greater than I even deserved, with unstoppable will power.

    I left the marines in 86, and my first night home I got Rippin stoned and drunk. And instantly went back to smoking every day. But, I was different. I was enrolling in college now and took a job as a waiter in a fine dining restaurant to pay my way through state school. And I smoked each and every day. But never during school, and always worked to get my studies done before indulging. My study partner and fellow toker renamed our term for pot to SUCCESS because we new if we did the work first and waited to get high we would become successful. We both graduated college with honors.

    We loved pot, and guess what? we still do. It seemed to fulfill an emptiness, while at the same time contributed to a greater emptiness for which I was unaware.

    I have a BS in urban studies and psychology and even attended therapy with 4 different therapists over the years. I have had my issues for sure since my dad died when was 7 years old and national geo decided to make a film about his death that left a young traumatized kid with camera crews in his home all focussing on death. Yes I'm still screwed up but living and breathing and functional.

    I quit weed many times for a year here and a year there but always came back to the feeling that I remembered so much hiking in the woods as a kid, weed. I found it easy to quit whenever i wanted because I am and always will be a US marine.

    I was so wrapped up in the lifestyle of weed that everyone I knew started to refer to me as Gman, g for ganja. And it eventually was the name Gman that appeared on my federal indictment for distributing 1000 kilos for which I was forced to plead out and go to federal prison at the age of 30. Wow had this really happened? You bet.

    While waiting for my time to be taken away I used my marine skills - that being unparalleled will - to study and obtain a Microsoft engineering certification called an MCSE, then was taken to prison 3 days after passing my final exam. In the last 50 days of my sentence I was in a half way house in Boston and was allowed to try to seek work. I landed a job as an engineer with a company and started work within a week of being officially released. I was starting over - sober of course - I wasn't risking going back it was embarrassing enough to the first time.

    Over time I smoked again and said wow this is what I've been missing. It is hard to control or deny the adrenaline junkie part of me.

    Weed has its effect on me for sure - but losing memory can be countered with good systems of note taking and file storing and thank god for Google and its fast and timely ability to help me refresh on things I should know I've forgot.

    I still struggle with bouts of toking a bit too much here and there and have to remind myself of who I am and how much I've been through, I am a marine and nothing can ever defeat me, so I cut back when I need to.

    I'm telling you all this for a reason, that is, everyone seems to focus on the wrong stuff in regards to weed. Focus on keeping your eyes on the prize and stop second guessing yourself in your mind, believe in yourself, you can do it, what ever it is. Favorite movie quote which I live by Anthony Hopkins from The Edge: what one man can do another can do! Weed can't stop you from achieving so don't beleive that others say it can and will. Your mind and thoughts are a laborynth, a great maze you must navigate throught life - the marines gave me a very sharp sword to cut throught the bullshit, by simply allowing me to keep my eyes on the prize what ever it may be when ever I needed to. But in the end I'm certain the marines arent for everyone hahha. But what is for everyone is understanding that you drive this vehicle called your brain it doesn't drive you so take control of the wheel and live your life where ever it takes you and enjoy every breath because life is all we know and all we will ever know. Don't get so caught up in what others say or do or what society expects or preaches. Think of starving kids when you eat and people in jail when wake up free to do what you want. Stop thinking about how much you have and think about what you can do for others and yourself because that will provide you with peace and happiness for the rest of your life.

    We all get depressed but it doesn't become depression unless you let it.

    Our society has in some levels placed our minds into a matrix not much different than the movie, you can break this. You can be the one! And it's all about believing first just like in the film.

    Final point - from my psychology 101 education - when you move your mouth to force a huge smile you are instantly put into a better mood - no ****in shit imagine that, now try and tell me you can't walk away from depression. Great professor once told me the most effective cure for depression is hard work, so get ****in busy. For those that will continue to enjoy mmj as it is now referred to, keep yourself active in health and fitness it helps to keep you motivated and helps you keep your eyes on the prize.

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    Klas Öra Cannabis Rehab Guest

    Default Mabe not the greatest path in life “brain fog” as a aftermath

    Hellu guys,
    been smooking for 5-6 years. Without a job under the most of thoose years, Have give me the chance to smoke 16 hours a day. And so I did.
    have 2 question.

    After 3 years of smoking I did a add/adhd test, and got add on the papers unfortunately.
    Do you think the high lvl of thc can have course this situation?
    Been off cannabis, and all the other drugs I’ll ben using under thoose 5 years now and my brain is foggy as hell.

    I’m not in for a suicid or something. As long as I can “hear and see” my family, I’m completely fine with life.
    Don’t need to be smart or something..

    So now to my last quest.
    Now that I have “add”?!. 🙃
    My doctor can give me Concerta.
    And that’s a drug that can help anyone get more “connections” with ur memory and help you learn new stuff faster, Which may help me in my fog healing process? Learning new stuff and progress in other part of ur/mine brain is in my opinion how you recover from this kind of fog.

    Sry if my eng isn’t readable. Not used to text in eng. I’m really glad if someone can give me a answear. Or opinion it might be in this case.
    How would you do in my situation?

    For assistance with finding a reputable and accredited Marijuana Rehab Service Provider in the USA you can call the US Government’s FREE SAMHSA’s National Helpline on:

    1-800-662-HELP (4357)


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    Hi Klas Ora,

    Thanks for chiming in. I wish I had found this thread when I was quitting. Like you at around the 5 - 6 week mark I noticed that my brain and thought processes were really foggy and diminished.

    I found a thread from others saying that for the most part people did get their brains back when they quit. It can just take time. Not long after, I noticed that my brain started working a LOT better than it had before and better than it had when I was smoking. I found problem solving easier, I was doing better at school and work and I even was more creative than I was when I smoked cannabis.

    So, I think that you should give yourself some more time. Quitting cannabis has some incredible benefits and the effect on your intelligence is one of them.

    I can't comment on the add/ adhd as I have never known anyone who has this condition, however, I would suggest that you wait a few months before really getting hooked up on the idea that you are suffering from this condition. I guess that a medicine is an option. Is it addictive?

    In my experience your brain will be back soon, bigger and better than ever!

    Good luck!

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