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Thread: What to do if you feel like using cannabis

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    Hi agent 227 the same thing happend to me had argument with my 20 year old son about swearing in front of his mother so he left in a big huff had a good cry because i sounded like my father. But then my wife came home belching out enough scotch fumes to blister paint off the walls and lit up she always said i am pigheaded and stubborn i hope i am the harder this addiction tries to pull me back i will dig the heals in futher. Anyway it is day 25 of my new life can only get better been struggling since day 15 got 4hours sleep don't feel to bad today so just hang in there all the best Dale

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    Hi Agent 227,

    I'm really sorry to hear that things are so tough rite now...they will get better, but the first few days are hell...the physical symptoms are peanuts compared to the emotional ones. I'm really glad that u have a supportive loving husband at hand...not cos it makes it any easier on the cravings, but cos at least u have someone there to reasure u that u r doing well and to give you cuddles when you most need them...cos u r doing well..really well. Resisting that urge to score when your brain is screaming at you for a hit is terribly hard...it takes strength and courage to not do it...it takes resolve...so now is the time to really congratulate urself on doing a great job. It all may be a normal part of detoxing but it sux bigtime, and many people cave right at the point where u r now..its extremely difficult not to...but u did!...u came on here instead and I really want you to know that took guts....well done mate.

    The anger is hard to deal with..I wish I could tell u a way to make it better, but unfortunately I can't...riding it out is the only thing I found u could do. I chose to start detoxing when my kids were visiting their dad and when they came back I told them I was sick at first...I mostly interalised it all, I was scared I would go off at them for no reason...I snapped at them too..I hated myself for it..they were really good about it and I think put it down to the fact I had just broken up with my ex and all the dramas surrounding that. In the end I told the 3 oldest the truth...found out they all knew, even tho I did what ur mum did and locked myself in my room...they're smart kids....don't know why I even thought I was hiding it from them. But mine are older than yours and able to understand about pot..I recently found out my youngest who's 10 knew as well! Please try not to be so hard on urself....the big picture is so important rite now....and what ur doing will benefit your children so much....a pot free mum is a truly worthwhile gift to them..especially if they have so many other family members with problems.

    Keeping yourself busy is great...distraction is great..having a mum who lights up in front of your face is not. It would be very easy to tell you to just stay away from her, and your dad and bro if they do the same....but its not that simple, I know...they're your family. It puts you in a very difficult position. My parents drive me crazy..not with pot but with their general attitudes and lack of support...After yet another blow up I finally sat them down and told them that they were free to feel however they liked and I respected their right to their own opinions, but since they didn't respect mine, in future I would not argue with them, I would simply walk out..and I have...I have even left my own house because I just refuse to put up with it any longer....the abuse my father dished out to mum is a biggy (used to get in trouble for pulling him up about it), as is the bigotry they often show. Is there a chance u could do something similar..just walk out if they light up in front of u? Just refuse to accept their disrespect and lack of support in this? Don't know what u cud do on a canoe tho!

    Stay strong mate..ur doing the rite thing and although its difficult for now, the end result is well and truly worth the struggle..I promise. You will enjoy everything much more without dope..cos ur brain will be all there....u'll take in things that previously u didn't cos stoned people aren't very observant..life just passes u by. I'm finding I enjoy things more now than before, cos its more real..I'm more there to cherish every moment. Its a real blessing...and I too was scared about not having any fun, or not as much fun anyway...in reality I'm having a lot more than I used to. U will be alright. We're all here for u, remember that and please keep us posted. Peace.

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    howdidigethere Cannabis Rehab Guest

    Default any response is greatly appreciated

    this is my first post ever and it is a little frightening...I've been trying to detox the mj for about six months now and during that time i probably spent about a collection of 1 1/2 months sober... just kept goin back. the real sad part is, is that it is sooo crucial for my dreams that i quit...i love music and most especialy singing and performing. I am in school for it and never would have imagined in my dreamy heart that i'd come this far... but i carried an addiction into it with me and have kept it from those who believe in me. all my good friends are your not so rich, but intelligent, real artsy and drink and smoke but are good fun lively people. Another weird part is is that i can function and follow through on things, and i have a high grade point average(although u wouldn't tell it from my typing style!)...It makes me think just how awesome i can be when i am not smoking..i do suffer from depression sometimes, but I have made some great changes in my life recently.. I tell ya this is the one that is really giving me a battle. i crave a sober life... and strong beautiful lungs...It is so terribly embarrassing to even fathom actually posting this...One might ask why? why can't she stop? i feel like i've been givin a change to follow my dream, and i am messing it all up...for an immediate fix to those punches that life will always throw at me...but there is much hope...i just wish i was sober already....

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    Default a reply

    Hi I read your post and recognised how you feel. I'm just the same, just different circumstances. I hold down a respectable full time job. I smoke every day and I hate myself for it - especially decieving people. My partner makes all the purchases and rolls, so all I do is smoke. He doesn't want to stop which means it'll always be around. I convince myself that I'm going to stop but then I get home and we share a joint and a coffee. A few more joints and I'm off to bed wishing I wasn't so weak and convincing myself I'll stop tomorrow. And so it goes on, one day Ill muster the strength. Thanks for listening Karen

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    Default Scared

    this is the first time i have written and i am really scared right now. i have 4 beautiful children,11yrs,8yrs,2yrs and a 1 year old, and a loving fiance. i WAS smoking the drug everyday for 5 years and 5 months. i am only in my second day of quitting and so far i am feeling ok but very scared. i have tried several times to detox but that would only last for 2 or 3 days at a time, i would get so cranky with everyone about nothing, forever yelling at the kids, accusing my partner of things that i had made up in my head and really thought it was true. i have lost so many good friends, and the part that hurts the most is looking at my children everyday and knowing that i have hurt them the most. i am so angry at myself and very embarressed. i am not going to give any excuses for smoking because there is none, it was extremely selfish and so stupid. i know this is it for me, i am so confident i can do it this time. with the money i am going to have now, my kids are going to have everything they ever wanted. most important of all they are going to have there mother back and thats all they have ever wanted. ive missed sports carnivals, swimming carnivals, forgotten to pay for school trips, tuckshop duty, reading lessons. the last 5 years has been just one big haze of pot smoke, well that has changed. i have wiped out all the phone numbers in my phone and will only be adding my true friends who are going to support me with this. i know i am going to lose more friends over the next few weeks, but for the first time in a long time, i really dont care, they didnt come to see me or my family, they came to smoke the drug and thats it. the next few weeks, months, years are going to be tough but i have the love and support from my family. i will keep you posted with how i am going and good luck to you all, WE CAN BEAT THIS!!!!!!

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    Hi welcome to the forum.

    I know what you mean I went through life for years on end in a cloudy haze, people also used to come over to my place to smoke the drug and I suppose they probably would have not come unless they could do that. One of the detox symptoms of quitting the drug is crankyness and anxiety and this can cause paranoia, which is why those things are going through your head, it’s just part of the process I guess, but don’t worry it won’t last forever.

    Well done on your decision to detox and anytime you want to get something off your chest we will be here to listen.

    Take care, good luck and please keep us posted on how it goes.
    Cannabis Rehab Admin

    If you wish to Use then Use, Your Body Your Choice, You're NOT a Criminal and I wish you well!

    My Choice is to be Drug Rehabilitated for 13 years because I Chose to be free from its Control on me!

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    hi scared, it sounds like u are determined to stop for good this time, if u realy mean it your chances increase. i quit a few years ago after smoking daily for three, all i can say is being sober isnt something to be afraid of its something to look forward to. the first few weeks will be tough but you will start feeling good and understand how much better off you are without pot in your life sooner than you might think

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    the green isle of ireland-green cause of all the feckin rain-thanks atlantic!


    hi scared-i sympathise-talk to ur fiance-for the next while u MIGHT be cranky and over sensitive and a bit mental-its part of the process-some days u'll be fine-other days u'll think-i'v had enough and u'll want to smoke-but remember th sh'it feelin wont last forever-put up with it for now-accept it-cause thats the way it is-know why ur doin it and stick to ur resolve-having people around u who are supportive is important-some times u'll just need to be on ur own-stick at it and things will be fine-good luck dude-

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    howdidigethere Cannabis Rehab Guest

    Smile Thank You

    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
    Hi I read your post and recognised how you feel. I'm just the same, just different circumstances. I hold down a respectable full time job. I smoke every day and I hate myself for it - especially decieving people. My partner makes all the purchases and rolls, so all I do is smoke. He doesn't want to stop which means it'll always be around. I convince myself that I'm going to stop but then I get home and we share a joint and a coffee. A few more joints and I'm off to bed wishing I wasn't so weak and convincing myself I'll stop tomorrow. And so it goes on, one day Ill muster the strength. Thanks for listening Karen
    I am on day 2, thank you for your response, I feel good about this time. I just keep reminding myself that i am in control, and I remember all my dreams, and all the hard work i've put into them....My life and dreams are worth more than pot.. and yours are also

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    Default Tip for quiting

    I have made a point of telling all my cannabis smoking friends that I am giving up FOR GOOD and not to offer it to me. Most of them have been good in not smoking it around me as much anyway, but the fact that I would have to actively ask them for a toke, and therefore loose face and have everyone know I gave in already has really helped me. I am too proud to ask them for a sneaky spliff.

    My only concern is that I might cave in and call my dealer, however he isn't a big time dealer and I have also told him I'm trying to quit. I hope he'd remind me of this should I ever end up calling him.

    For anyone else with too much pride like myself - this might be a good tactic - tell everyone you know not to offer it to you or let you have any should you ask. If they are true friends they will appreciate why you want to give up and support you.

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